Bovine hides

  • Origin: South Africa / Australia
  • Size,00/4,40 m2
  • Thickness: 1,0 mm +/-
  • Finishing: In water solution
  • Fire resistant: UNI EN 1021/1 e UNI EN 1021/2
    BS5852 source 0,1
    FAR 25853 B – BULLETIN 117 California Test


Article with a modern “STONE WASHED EFFECT” which highlights all the natural characteristics of the leather: wrinkles, scratches, insect bites and veins, which become the peculiarity of the article. These characteristics must be considered (and accepted) as signs of naturalness and not as defects. This particular effect is made handly on every single skin, making it unique and unrepeatable. It’s therefore absolutely normal to find differences in color on the same skin and/or from one skin to another. Article always available in 9 colors in our warehouse of articles “ready for delivery”.