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" Leather a product to love "


For the usual cleaning, dust with a soft and dry cloth.

In presence of stains, use a solution of distilled or boiled water and flakes of neutral soap of the best quality (half cup of soapflakes in 1 litre of hot water).

Whisk the solution and use just the foam, apply with a soft cloth, without soaking the leather, blotting the stain from the edges towards the centre, without rubbing and dry quickly.

It's recommended to make a test in a hidden part of the sofa, to be sure to don't damahe seriously more visible parts.


Never use solvent, steam, generic stains removers or shoes cleaning products that would damage seriously the fixative with consequent degradation of the colour.


The use of cleaning agents is at your own risk and danger.


Never expose the sofa to the direct sunlight and place it faraway from any heat source as the leather may fade or become dry.